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Kids dental care in Andover

Andover dentist

Andover dentist

Okay, so a visit to see our Andover dentist may never be quite as much fun as a day at the amusement park. But with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere designed to make your child feel comfortable and at home, she or he is likely to feel very positive about coming in for an appointment. Our entire staff, and especially Dr. Abrahamian, has made it our top priority to provide excellent kids dental care in an environment that is non-threatening and filled with smiles. One thing is certain: the attitudes and habits that your child cultivates now will last him or her a lifetime and set the stage for healthy, disease-free teeth and gums.

Your child’s first visit to see our Andover dentist will combine a session for getting acquainted with an initial dental examination. Any signs of tooth decay will be detected from a visual inspection as well as with the help of x-rays. The next best thing to prevention, our number one goal, is to find cavities early on. Dr. Abrahamian will also check your child’s jaws and gums. The capper is a teeth cleaning to eliminate any plaque, tartar, and food particles that have managed to hide outside of the reach of your child’s toothbrush and dental floss.

A big part of how our Andover dentist helps your child to maintain a healthy mouth is with eduction for both her or him and you. Regular dental exams, typically once every six months, are essential. Some children, particularly those who are prone to tooth decay, may benefit from more frequent visits. Our pediatric dentist will also help you with tips on how to deal with teething, preventing tooth decay with proper nutrition, the best brushing techniques, and the advantages that can be had from fluoride treatments when it comes to cavity prevention.

Kids dental care is not all that different than for adults, except that because children have teeth that will fall out and new ones erupting, a more delicate and attentive approach must be taken to ensure that everything occurs smoothly and on its normal schedule. Our Andover dentist will work together with you as a team to promote his or her optimal dental well-being.

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