Tewksbury implant dentist

Tewksbury Implant Dentist

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Implants in Tewksbury

Tewksbury implant dentist
Tewksbury implant dentist

If you have one or more missing teeth, you can restore them with an option that may end up making you forget that any of your teeth are not the originals. That’s what implants do for you in addressing tooth loss. Our Tewksbury implant dentist, Sevak Abrahamian, DDS, is committed to offering you the most advanced solutions in dentistry; ones that give you impressive benefits that include optimal effectiveness and longevity.

Implants are often thought of as cosmetic treatments, but there are practical reasons to consider them, too. When you have empty space where a tooth used to be, the remaining ones on that jaw can shift, leading to discomfort and a misaligned bite. Your gum and bone tissue might also erode. Implants prevent all that from happening. That’s more than a bridge or dentures will accomplish. They’ll fill the space, but sitting atop your gums, they don’t preserve your facial contours and they don’t prevent your gum and bone tissue from atrophying. You see, our Tewksbury implant dentist surgically places a titanium post in your jaw bone. It replaces the root that your old tooth does, and by doing so also accomplishes all of the above. Don’t settle for a surface solution when you can have a complete restoration in every way. The process of getting one begins with our Tewksbury implant dentist doing an examination and testing of your jaw bone, which needs to be sufficiently thick to support the post reliably. This occurs when your bone tissue grows around and fuses with the post. A tooth-colored crown made just for you is then cemented to the top of it.

With proper care, you can get a lifetime of use out of an implant. That’s a lot of benefit for the effort you put in to get one. Book your consultation at our office right now. Contact our Tewksbury implant dentist¬†office.

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