Wilmington Teeth Extraction

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Root canal therapy in Wilmington MA

Wilmington teeth extraction

Wilmington teeth extraction

We don’t expect you to look forward to root canal therapy, but when you think about the situation, it’s the best and usually only way to avoid our Wilmington teeth extraction. And the real unpleasantness is the pain you’re likely feeling from the infection. Root canal therapy relieves that pain. It’s natural to be nervous about it, but Dr. Sevak Abrahamian uses modern techniques and tools to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

You may hear root canal therapy called non-surgical endodontic therapy, which is just another way of saying the same thing. What matters most is why it’s necessary. Typically, when a tooth has become severely decayed or has a deep filling, crack, or chip, it opens up an avenue for bacteria to get inside the pulp chamber of your tooth. This can result in an infection and that’s the reason for the pain you feel when you chew with the tooth or apply pressure to it. Other symptoms can include hypersensitivity to hot or cold liquids, tender gums, and tooth discoloration. If you experience any of those signs, you should call us right away and schedule an exam. If the tooth is not savable, you will need our Wilmington teeth extraction. But if it can be saved, root canal therapy will be the solution.

The procedure usually requires two or more visits to complete. You will get a local anesthetic to numb you, after which our dentist will drill from the top of the tooth to gain access to the pulp area. The injured pulp, nerve, and any debris will be cleaned out. The area will be sealed. Between sessions, a temporary crown will be placed on top to protect the tooth. After the work is done, you will be measured and fitted for a permanent crown. Your get to keep your tooth instead of having our Wilmington teeth extraction. That means you won’t have a missing tooth or need to concern yourself with shifting of your other teeth or having to get a restoration to fill up the empty space. Your smile remains complete.

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